How Well Do You Manage Your Time?

How well do you manage your time

Do You Manage Your Time..Or Does It Manage You?

Do you ever wonder how some people get so much accomplished while others get stuck in a rut and never seem to get the important things done that are integral to managing their business?

Here’s a secret. We all have the same amount of time given to us in every day — 24 hours. How can you maximize your productivity so that the important tasks get done while still leaving you time for family and fun?

Track your activities for a week

To begin, you’ll want to get the actual picture of how you spend your time. Write down and track everything you do for one week. Use an app timer to record when you start and stop any task, and note the time. You can also use an old-fashioned paper planner or even just a notepad. Don’t try to change anything yet, just go about your regular routine.

How well do you manage your time?

Evaluate your week

Now, take a good look at how you spent your time during the week. Categorize your activities into urgent, important, family and fun. Notice the time suckers. Some things that are fun might fall into the category of time suckers. That’s okay, because you can still allocate some time for those things without going overboard.

Create a “To-Do” list

Everything should be scheduled. Some of those urgent and important things will also be family things. Put everything into schedule. Give it the approximate time that you think it needs, adding a few minutes for margin to avoid missed deadlines and stress.

Schedule some time for you

It’s okay to plan time for fun. Fun usually goes with family and friends and it is a very necessary part of your life. However, you’ll want to schedule the right amount of time and the right amount of fun so that they don’t intrude on those important tasks and activities that are an essential part of running your business.

Take some time to plan

Take the time each evening to evaluate how your day has gone. What could have been done better?  What tasks need time adjustment? If you do this consistently you will get better at creating a realistic and workable plan. Each morning take the time to look over your schedule to remind yourself what is coming up that day so you don’t forget anything. Never rely on just memory, it will fail you more often than not!

Teach Others to Respect Your Time

If you’re a home based business owner, you’ll find that other people seem to think you’re available to chat at any time and don’t understand your need to focus on your work.  The real issue may be that you haven’t taught people to respect your time. It’s been said that you teach people how to treat you. If you’re not teaching people to respect your time and boundaries, then it’s time to start doing so.


No entrepreneur can keep all the plates spinning by themselves. It’s important to delegate some of your repetitive, time consuming tasks to a good virtual assistant. You may find that it can almost double your time.

In conclusion, while you can’t create more than 24 hours in a day, you can create an environment where you duplicate yourself as much as possible by hiring a virtual assistant or outsourcing other mundane tasks such as housework or lawn care. There is no such thing as a successful entrepreneur who doesn’t delegate.

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