3 Secrets of Creating Compelling Content

3 secrets of creating compelling contentAs an online entrepreneur, you know that building a strong community around your brand is an essential part of ongoing growth and success.

A strong  community is one that’s filled with active members who generously share their knowledge and time with other members. You may have tried to build an online community and found yourself frustrated when there you had only a few members after all of the work you put in.

Why do some online communities thrive while others fade away? Compelling content is what makes the difference to your audience. When you regularly create eye-catching content and share it on your blog and with your email list, then your community will begin to take off. Here’s what sets compelling content apart from boring, run-of-the-mill content:

Compelling Content Soothes a Pain Point

The best content gets consistently shared when it meets a real need for your target readers and helps to solve their problems. For example, if you’re a health coach that serves busy women, then you know your clients struggle with making food that’s quick to prepare while still being nutritious.

With this information, you might want to create a list blog post about 5 easy dinners that can be made in a skillet in less than 30 minutes. You could also share tips on how to use a food processor or blender to cut down on meal prep time. Once you identify a problem your audience is a struggling with,  you can create content that offers solutions.

Compelling Content is Authentic

You know your audience, what their pain point is and how your content is going helps solve their problem. Now you can start creating content.

Many solopreneurs and bloggers struggle with letting their personality shine through their content. They’re worried about their brand and style. However, the very best and engaging contact you deliver will have your unique voice and style. Being authentic will attract the audience that you’re meant to reach.  It will keep them coming back and them think they’ve finally found an inspiring speaker who’s worth following.

Compelling Content Inspires Readers to Take Action

When someone has finished reading your viewing your content, they should feel compelled to take further action with you. Maybe it’s to follow and share on social media or join your email list. The more comfortable they are with you, the more likely they will be to buy something from you and recommend to their friends.

That next step should include a call to action at the end of your content and on your main page. Ask readers to take a small next step like joining your email list. You want to keep it simple here. Don’t overwhelm your audience multiple steps or product offers. Stick with just one call to action.

Creating compelling content is essential if you want to build a thriving community. When you regularly offer awesome content, your community will begin to trust you and keep coming back to you.

If you’re a spiritual or holistic entrepreneur and you would like some help with content creation, I’d love to help. Visit my services page and my blog for writing clips.


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