10 Things I Learned at Beachpreneurs

This past weekend I had the awesome experience of networking with about 30 savvy and successful online business owners. (There were a few other newbies like me in attendance.) It was a mind numbing amount of information. Admittedly, some of it went over my head. But some seeds were planted and ideas for steps to take materialized.

What were my big takeaways from Beachpreneurs?

1. People are just people. Some of the attendees are very successful and well known. But far from being intimidating, I found them all to be approachable and authentic.

2. If they can do it, I can do it. We may all have different talents and business models but everyone had to start at the beginning. Anyone can be successful if they maintain a positive mindset, resolve to keep learning, form a plan, work their butt off and track the results.

3. Everyone screws up. And that’s okay. Successful people keep trying. There is power in persistance.

4. It’s easier to create content than I thought. I just need to develop the mindset of mentally curating what’s going on around me.

5. Write like a fiend and write daily. (This was the answer in response to my question of how to become a better writer.)

6. Don’t view the competition as enemies. Collaborate with them and learn from them.


7. A positive mindset is everything.

8. Own it. Know it. Believe it. Profess it.

9. I am enough. (This is a huge paradigm shift for someone who has spent most of her life thinking she was never good enough.)

10. I have some challenges. But they’re not excuses.

11. (I know I said 10. Here’s one more.) It’s never to late to try to learn something new. Sometimes I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking I was getting too old and not having the right background to be successful at this. There were several attendees who were quite a bit older than me and they were still putting themselves out there, learning new things and putting it into action.

A Beachpreneur lifestyle can happen for anyone. Maybe you hate the beach but want the freedom and flexibility of an online business to free up your life to live it the way that you want it.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned at Beachpreneurs

  1. Cindy Reply

    Sounds like you got some great insights! I’m excited to see what you do with your new attitude and knowledge!

  2. Lisa Marie Mary Reply

    Love this post, I just love your takeaways. I’m going to email the post to myself to go over again. I think it would even make a great infofraphic and/or poster. Nice to meet you. I came via Cindy posting on FB. 🙂

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